Welcome to ECREA’s Crisis Communication Section Online

This is the website of ECREA’s Crisis Communication Section. Here, you will find information related to our community, on crisis and risk-related research and events. For current announcements, please check our Upcoming events page. There, you will also find information on the upcoming Crisis7 conference taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden, on October 5-7.

A Decade in the Making

In 2009, Dr. Andreas Schwarz of TU Ilmenau, Germany founded the International Crisis Communication conference series with Crisis1. A decade on from that first conference not only is the conference series a premiere opportunity for crisis researchers and practitioners from around the world to gather and share ideas, best practices, and theory, but our research and practice community has been institutionalized as a permanent division within the European Communication, Research, and Education Association but we have active members from every continent.

In 2019, at Crisis6, the then leadership team announced that they would be developing a permanent homepage for our global community and here we are.

Call for Participation

We will continue to develop the content and information available on the page. However, our intention is for this to be a community page where members can share their news, conference calls, calls for publication, recent publications or best practices, and generally build a strong and shared knowledge community.

In practical terms, we are asking you to be contributors to the page sharing your experiences, insights, photos, and work so that we become a vital landing page for anyone interested in risk and crisis communication. If you would like to become a contributor, contact Dr. Audra Diers-Lawson at audra.lawson@leedsbeckett.ac.uk and she will set you up as a contributor and with more information about how to post. For full details about our posting policy see our About page.

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