National Approaches to Systemic Risk: Germany and Japan under the COVID-19 Crisis

The Tokyo-based German Institute for Japanese Studies has announced an event that may be interesting for crisis researchers interested in the current pandemic and/or cross-cultural research. The speakers are Ortwin Renn and Norio Okada, both highly renowned specialists in risk & crisis management in the respective countries. The event will be streamed here:

Further details:

Media reporting of the COVID-19 pandemic

Journalists covering the coronavirus pandemic face the classic dilemma of crisis reporting: contributing to mitigation while maintaining their watchdog function.

How do media outlets cover the current pandemic? What are the normative requirements journalists should consider? And how serious is the “infodemic” threat posed by mis- and disinfo on the coronavirus? These are just some of the questions that are being raised in the context of crisis communication surrounding the current pandemic. This short article (German) published in the European Journalism Observatory contributes some observations and thoughts on the matter and discusses the normative concept of a “mitigation watchdog” in the light of the current crisis reporting. A more detailed version of the article in German language is available here.