Crisis2021 Call for Abstracts

All live sessions are free to attend. However, advance registration will be required.

Deadline for Submission for Live Presentations 15 January, 2021

Call for Abstracts Crisis2021

Because it was not realistic to plan & host a live conference in 2021 for the Crisis Communication Division, we are offering two different avenues for presentation of research in 2021  

  • Live Panel Sessions (two-hours each) on the first Friday of each month from 5 February – 2 July.
  • Live/pre-Recorded Presentations (up to 20 minutes each) posted on our website.

Theme: Risk & Crisis Communication & the New Normal

As the world responds to 2020 and all of the new challenges it has posed, risk and crisis communication researchers, students, and practitioners have the opportunity to explore issues of work environments, politics, social justice, disasters, ‘ordinary’ crises, learning and teaching, well-being, social responsibility, and technology to name just a few areas connected to the tumultuous year we have all experienced. We are calling for abstracts that look forward from Covid-19 to the future across industries and even for reflective discussions about the role of risk and crisis communication.

You can submit an individual abstract or a panel proposal.

Panel Proposals

These will only be considered for the live sessions. For panel proposals:

  • There should be either 3 or 4 speakers representing at least two different institutions.
  • Preference will be given to multi-national panels
  • Panels should have a clear theme, brief (paragraph) justification for the theme, and list the speakers and brief summaries of their proposed presentations

Individual Abstracts

Individual submissions will be considered for the live panels (if submitted before 15 January) unless otherwise noted in the submission, to include:

  • Author(s) name(s), institutions, and email(s)
  • Preference for live panel or pre-recorded

Detailed abstract (no more than 700 words) for the presentation

We aim to accept as many abstracts as possible both for the live sessions and pre-recorded presentations. Don’t worry – the pre-recorded presentations CAN but don’t HAVE to include you on camera – they can simply be PowerPoint presentations with voice overs.

For the live sessions, it will be likely the case that each person will only be able to be on one live panel to enable more people to participate; however, there is no limit on submissions for the pre-recorded presentations that will be posted on our website.